4 Steps to Get Started Today

    Start with one issue in the list to the left. Choose something that’s important to you. With nearly constant federal overreach, there’s an endless litany of acts that need to be nullified. But, focusing – issue by issue – is a strategy that works.
    Once you’ve picked an issue to work on, take a look and see the status of legislation in your area. During the “off-season” when legislatures are out of session, it’s good to get acquainted with bills that may have been introduced in the past too. Also, review the model legislation provided, which is the best combination of a move forward to nullify unconstitutional acts, and the ability to actually pass.
    Next up is action. While there may be specific actions, phone calls, events, and the like for your area, there’s a general rule of thumb on what needs to be done. a) Get model legislation in the hands of your state and local legislators b) Call them back after a week or two to find out if they’ve decided to support or introduce the bill c) Find others to do the same….
    There’s strength in numbers! You cannot nullify an unconstitutional act on your own. But, you can take action that will help create a domino effect. Invite your friends to join you, and together we’ll push forward for liberty!



  • Nullification Organizer’s Toolkit
    An 18 page document packed full of ideas, strategies, campaigns and more. Get some great tips on what needs to be done to build a successful nullification campaign. There is no one formula or model that will yield a successful state nullification effort. Many of the organizing ideas and solutions contained here may be practiced by any campaign anywhere anytime.

Jefferson: Nullification is the Rightful Remedy